Welcome to The RAISE Lighthouse

Finding our way out of darkness into everyday joy

Why The RAISE Lighthouse? 

We bring together spirit mediums to perform rescue circles, so that we can help release stuck spirits from their earth-bound state, guide them to the Light and clear up global energies in the process. We also work with the living to release stuck energy and receive unconditional Love. 


About Us:

The RAISE Lighthouse is a sacred collaboration between the physical and the non-physical worlds, co-founded by siblings, Hannah Velten (in the physical) and her brother, Christian (in his spirit form).

Christian went missing in Mali, Africa in 2003, aged 27, disappearing without a trace despite numerous searches. It was 12 years later, after being frozen in grief and no longer speaking about her brother, Hannah began to get the feeling she would be able to find Christian, and directly experienced the 'touch of Spirit'. She was frightened of the voices and feelings she heard and felt in her body and searched for answers via a spirit medium. She was left feeling even more powerless and decided to embark on a personal development journey to connect with Spirit herself, and to become the person she had to be: a love-fuelled lighthouse attracting Christian out of the darkness. Christian did find his way to Hannah, but he was Earth-bound, confused and unaware of his death

After the shocking realisation of his death (they both thought they had been speaking telepathically), Hannah supported Christian’s release into the Light and they embarked on a Spirit-guided journey: from the grief and trauma resulting from his ‘failed' African adventure to freedom and closure, despite never finding Christian's body. The siblings also healed generational and past life trauma.

You can find all our films on our YouTube channel - The Finder of Lost Things: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF2bIq36p7Vm6oOR6IlfQcw

Our Mission:

Others called Chris’ early death, a 'waste of a life'. But the siblings found inspiration through Christian’s computer password - RAISE - to co-create ‘The RAISE Lighthouse’ as a joint adventure, with a shared purpose based on their personal, transformational journey. To: 

RESCUE all stuck spirits who approach ‘The RAISE Lighthouse’ with good intentions and wish to enter the Light, so supporting the clearing of global low-vibration / trauma energies. We also free ‘trapped’ spirits (eg. shipwrecks / building collapses) and guide them to us,

ASSIMILATE retrieved soul parts in the living and the dead, helping them to find wholeness after experiencing soul loss through trauma,

ILLUMINATE all those who directly interact with ‘The RAISE Lighthouse’ community (often through the ‘Fire of Love’ circles), so channelling the Light/Love to reach others, amplifying its power and visibility,

SUPPORT those who are spirit mediums, or potential spirit mediums, to clarify their energy fields, develop their connection to Spirit, find harmony within and step into their roles within 'The RAISE Lighthouse’,

EDUCATE others, in a creative and Light-filled way, about all aspects of, and implications of, the pandemic of stuck spirits, including the sharing of their stories.

If you would like to contact Hannah and The RAISE Lighthouse team directly for rescue / consultancy work, speaking or media enquiries, please see below.

Join Us - Become A RAISE Rebirther:

The power and visibility of ‘The RAISE Lighthouse’ is forever expanding as specialist spirit mediums - or 'RAISE Rebirthers' as the core team is known - join the rescue circles.

We are actively training up more RAISE Rebirthers in this community, so we have a global team, covering every continent, country, county, city and community. Our aim is for RAISE to become a ‘beacon organisation’ where any spirit, lost and waiting in the darkness, can find release and healing.

Our membership is pretty special. We’ve pulled together 20 years worth of experience to create a safe and empowering community, centred around our 9-step ‘RAISE Pathway: Initiation Process’. 

Here are are few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of 'The RAISE Lighthouse' community:

  • Explore and enhance your mediumship skills by learning from experienced spirit mediums,
  • Connect with like-minded individuals, increasing your support network and forming lasting friendships,
  • Flourish and actively contribute to clearing global energies and guiding stuck spirits, making a significant positive impact,
  • The possibility of well-paid employment when you become a fully-qualified 'RAISE Rebirther’.

What next?

So, let us support you as you begin your journey into freeing stuck spirits and healing humanity. 

We look forward to meeting you.

Hannah and Christian


Contact Us:

If you would like to contact 'The RAISE Lighthouse' team about spirit release / consultancy work, please email to arrange a chat and a free quotation: [email protected]. Please add the subject as ‘Consultancy Work’.

If you are interested in having Hannah, or one of the team, to speak at your event, please use the email above with the subject ‘Speaking Enquiry’.

If you are a journalist, producer, podcaster or someone interested in reporting on the work of The RAISE Lighthouse, please use the mail above with the subject, ‘Interview Request’.

Important Note: Terms & Conditions for membership into The RAISE Lighthouse can be viewed here. In order to join the community, you agree to these terms & conditions. You will also be added to our mailing list which consists of a monthly newsletter and very occasional special updates.

And please remember to download the app once you're in RAISE, so you can keep up with us on your mobile phone.